Monday, February 15, 2010

The shadows are resting in the dark...

Context: Death of a friend in the Pune terrosist attack

I walk in the light
My shadow bound to my form
Without free will it treads
I may walk straight but it endures
Slithering over obstacles, no way to complain

No! It says today, for I have much endured
With light I suffer, in dark I rest
If I yet have the power, I shall now mould the ways

Shadows awake, moving sans bodies
Even the untouched seek revenge
Those who feel have reason
The ones who act do not

Vicious venom they unleash over bodies
The helpless bodies but cry
Cold are the shadows, not wanting to understand
The bodies never did harm, the light had played the hand

Innocents suffer, bracing the shadows
The threat of being consumed ever stronger
In dark, shadows disappear, they think,
Yearning for the dark to seek solace

The shadows have broken free
Taking the lone emotion of vengeance along
A solitary aim to hurt
The hurt are innocent, yet they prepare to grieve
And grieve they shall, for the shadows are dark

Gathering strength and comrades, the shadows march
Leaving helpless bodies on the traversed path
The victims lie dead, disfigured and cold
The tears of kin yearning to rekindle the warmth

No consolation enough, no sympathies potent
For the loss cannot be made good
A son is lost, a friend no more
The mother cries, the friends weep in pinching pain
A life without dreams beckons for some
As lost have they everything, except their cursed life

This life they must now endure
Second by second, minute by minute
Waiting for their own shadow

The shadows have won but they won’t rejoice
Victory by death they want and get
So until the next one they rest in the dark
The shadows are resting in the dark
The shadows are resting in the dark...


Tanmay said...

You knew this guy?

Anonymous said...

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